Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Agnostic to Christian ... aided by "The God Delusion" (!) and first-hand miracles...

A wonderful friend who I know has recently written a book of two parts ('The New Theology'): the first ('Comic Divinity') documents his disillusionment with various expressions of Christianity, while the second ('Death and Resurrection') documents how he returned to Christianity with new and refreshed fervour and steadfastness from being an Agnostic (wanting to be Atheist).

 He's quoted a section of this on his blog 'Tea and Gunpowder' specifically about the role in his returning to Christianity of reading 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins and miracles he experienced when he was younger, where a badly sprained arm was (despite his not expecting it to) spontaneously healed and a prophesy he received turned out to be 'scarily' accurate. Even though he, at one point, desperately wanted to, he was not able to rationally deny that these events seemed to point to a transcendent personal Being... 

See the amazing story of a wonderful person here at his blog...



  1. Hi Nowhere Man,

    Thanks for the feedback - I've had a brief look at your blog - a very interesting journey that you are embarking on! :-)

    Best wishes in everything,
    Elliot :-)


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